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2020-11-25 01:37

What is EOSForce (EOSC) ?


DMTC is an “Organic Food + Smart Micromarket + Blockchain” project and a child chain of Waltonchain implemented in the area of the Internet of Things. It uses the Waltonchain’s IoT + Blockchain solution to solve the pain points of the agricultural development. It integrates Waltonchain’s basic platform to solve agricultural problems in production, warehousing, logistics, stores, and after-sales. Using the RFID Chip + Blockchain technology, it ensures source traceability of organic food within the whole process and creates a safe and reliable logistics and information channel for organic food.


Token Information
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DMTC
Circulating Supply:80,000,000 DMTC
ICO Price:-
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