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Contract Grid FAQ
2020-11-20 10:06

Q: What is the maximum leverage supported for Contract Grid?

A: Currently 5x


Q: How many contract grid strategies are supported under one trading pairs?

A: Currently, each account supports a maximum of 10 contract grid strategies.


Q: Does it affect the contract grid when I already had Bibox contract orders?

A: No. Bibox contract grid will be run in a discrete account – Trading bot account


Q: Cross margin or fixed margin?

A: Currently, it employs the cross-margin.


Q: Can I manage my other contract orders when I set up a contract grid?

A: Yes. Bibox contract grid will be run in a discrete account – Trading bot account.


Q: What happens when I close my contract grid?

A: When your contract gird is stopped, the system will cancel all orders, close all positions and transfer the profit and principal from the Trading bot account to your wallet.


Q: What is the forced liquidation price in the contract grid?

A: If you choose to use leverage, the system will automatically calculate the forced liquidation price according to the invested assets. Once the forced liquidation price is triggered, your contract grid will be liquidated.




You can also contact Bibox telegram admin (@bibox_cs) or join the Telegram group (https://t.me/bibox_trading_bot) for more details.

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