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What is Infinite Grid Trading
2020-11-20 09:46

What is Infinite Grid Trading?

Infinite Grid Trading is an upgraded version of the original grid trading tool but with no price cap. It allows users to take more profit in a positive market trend. During the upward fluctuation, the Infinite Grid Trading tool only sells the profit made from the asset appreciation ensuring that the user always has the asset equivalent to the initial value.


For example:

Take BTC/USDT for example. If you set up an infinite grid trading strategy when BTC is at 10,000 USDT and set a 1% grid. When BTC price reaches the first grid (10,100 USDT) the current strategy will sell a fraction of BTC worth of 100 USDT. You hold less BTC, but the overall value stays unchanged.


When BTC price goes down, the strategy will automatically buy the corresponding quantity of BTC to maintain the overall value at 10,000 USDT. Therefore, Infinite Grid Trading is considered as the tool investor used to ride the market tide.


Bibox Infinite Grid Trading will assist you in buying low and selling high 24*7.


Application Scenario

  1. Wishing to hold the assets equivalent to the initial value in an upward and fluctuating market.
  2. Suitable for BTC, ETH, and other major crypto long-term holders.
  3. Suitable for the investors who are optimistic about the future of certain cryptos.
  4. Wishing to exchange cryptos into USDT for stable profit.
  5. Relax, sit back, and wait for a bull market.



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