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Grid Trading Questions
2020-11-20 09:44

1. How do I run 10 grid trading strategies simultaneously under one trading pair?

To set up the new grid trading you will need to terminate the noes set up before 4/24/2020.


2. Where can I find the assets involved in grid trading post the upgrade?

Bibox just added the Trading Bot account. Once the trading bot is activated, the assets will be automatically transferred into the Trading Bot account and returned to Exchange Account once it ends.


3. Where can I use the Infinite Grid Trading?

Web: Click Bot to enter the Trading Bot page and choose Infinite Grid to set up your strategy.


App: Click the Trading Bot strategy to choose Infinite Grid to set up your strategy.



4. What is BIX Deduction Margin?

BIX deduction margin can be used to pay for the trading fee. (with a 25% off discount according to the current rules)

If you activate BIX deduction, for each grid trading strategy you set up, the system will automatically transfer 50 BIX into the Trading Bot account as the trading fee payment.

When BIX Auto Transfer is activated, if the available BIX to pay for the trading fee under the current grid trading strategy is less than 30, BIX will be automatically transferred into Trading Bot Account from Exchange Account to ensure there is enough BIX.


5. How come it only shows 20 orders at In Progress?

The system will preferentially place orders around the market spread. When the price deviates from the market spread price too much, orders will be canceled in the direction of the majority order to make up for the minority order. Vice versa when the price returns to normal, always maintain 20 orders.  



You can also contact Bibox telegram admin (@bibox_cs) or join the Telegram group (https://t.me/bibox_trading_bot) for more details.

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