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Bibox Grid Trading Instructions [APP]
2020-12-25 11:26

What is Bibox grid trading?

Grid Trading is a type of quantitative trading, designed for a fluctuating market, allowing users automatically to buy low and sell high to claim a steady passive income. The Grid Trading tool developed by Bibox is perfectly suitable not only for novice investors but also experienced investors, for whom this tool spare trouble of software programming and maintenance.


How to use it?

1. Click the "Bot Strategy" on the APP homepage or the "Bot" button at the bottom right corner of the homepage to enter the Trading Bot page. Select "Grid Trading" and click Create.



2. AI recommended strategy; one-click order placement. AI will automatically fill in appropriate parameters based on historical 7-day data. The user only needs to select a trading pair and drag "input assets". Then, a trading strategy will be automatically generated. Click "Set up" to run grid trading.


3. Once the order is successfully placed, you can view the details on the "Bot-Strategy list-Grid" page.Click "Details" to view the specific custody details.


4. Click "To stop" to termination the Griding Trading.



Grid trading advanced instructions

1. Customized strategies: set parameters and generate trading strategies.

Click "Customized Strategy", select a trading pair and enter the lowest price, highest price, and price interval, drag "Invest assets", and click "Set up" to run grid trading immediately.


2.If you are interested, you can also try the "Advanced setting" and "Single token mode".




The following outlines the logic behind the grid trading strategy


BTC Price and Grid

If you decide to enter the market when 1 BTC is worth 10,000 USDT. P0=10,000 USDT

You set a 10% grid.

Then the BTC buy price 1:  P1=P0/(1+10%)=9090.90USDT

               BTC buy price 2:P2=P1/(1+10%)=8264.46USDT



Then BTC sell price 1:P1=P0×(1+10%)=11000 USDT

         BTC sell price 2:P2=P1×(1+10%)=12100 USDT



Total invested USDT(BTC), Portion and Sell/Buy value per order

If the total invested USDT :10000 USDT

You set a 20% portion

Then the Buy value per order is 10000×20%=2000 USDT


If the total invested BTC : 1 BTC

You set a 20% portion

Then the Sell value per order is 1×20%=0.2 BTC


Grid trading parameters instructions

Total invested: the total asset invested in executing grid trading

Grid: The price gap between each order, if the grid is 1%, the first buy order is 10000SUDT, then the second order is 9900 USDT

Portion: The average capital allocation of each order, if the portion is 20%, it means the capital divided into 5 orders on each buy/sell side


Grid trading limitation

Each trading pair only supports executing 1 grid trading

Each account can support 8 grid trading simultaneously


Risk warning

1.Grid Trading is only a trading assistance tool and does not constitute any investment endorsement or return promise. Bibox shall not bear any responsibility for any realized or unrealized profit and loss.

2.Cryptocurrency investments are highly risky. Please make investments wisely according to your own risk tolerance.



You can also contact Bibox telegram admin (@bibox_cs) or join the Telegram group https://t.me/bibox_trading_bot for more details.

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