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Bibox Grid Trading Instructions [Web]
2020-12-24 07:08

Bibox launched grid trading tool for token trading free of charge.

Grid trading is a commonly used quantitative trading strategy, perfectly suitable for fluctuating markets and allowing users to buy low and sell high automatically. It saves you the trouble of constantly monitoring the markets and programming the maintaining the trading algorithm.


I. Where is it?

Log in Bibox website and click exchange to enter the token trading page.


Select a trading pair, such as BTC/USDT, click "Bot"and find "Grid Trading".


Or, log into Bibox official website (www.bibox.com) and click Bot to enter the trading bot page.


Choose the Grid trading and set it up.



II. How to use Bibox Grid Trading?

AI Assistance, One Click to Place Order

1. Click AI Auto Fill: Bibox AI will fill in the parameters it sees fit according to the past 7 days’ data. You only need to adjust the Invested Asset bar to generate the trading strategy. Click confirm to run the Grid Trading. 

In the setting section, you can adjust the Invested Asset bar to adjust the investment ratio.


III. Bibox Grid Trading Advance Instruction

Manual Setting, Customize Strategy

1. Set parameters and produce trading strategies.

Choose the trading pair you wish to trade and enter the relevant parameters: Price range (highest Price, lowest Price), Grid, invested assets, and click confirm to run the bot.


2. You can view more details at In Progress.



Terminology Explanation

The following is a more detailed explanation on how the grid trading works.


The lowest price and the highest price

The lowest price is the lowest price to buy during Grid Trading. When the market price is lower than it, the system will stop executing order(s).

The highest price is the highest price to sell during Grid Trading. When the market price is higher than it, the system will stop executing order(s).


“BTC Price”and “Price Discrepancy”

If:You enter the market when 1 BTC is worth 10000USDT: P0=10000USDT

      You set price discrepancy at 10%


Your USDT will be invested as the following

      Buy BTC at P1=P0/(1+10%)=9090.90USDT

      Buy BTC at P2=P1/(1+10%)=8264.46USDT



Your BTC will be invested as the following

      Sell BTC at P1=P0×(1+10%)=11000 USDT

      Sell BTC at P2=P1×(1+10%)=12100 USDT



The relationship between Price Discrepancy and Grid

If: You enter the market when 1 BTC is worth 10000USDT: P0=10000 USDT

    You set the price discrepancy between 8000 and 12000 USDT, and the grid 1%


The system will calculate the amount of buy and sell order

    Take the lowest integer of n as the buy order amount

    Take the lowest integer of n as the sell order amount


Adjust the Grid bar, and the system will divide the assets into multiple orders according to the current price in the market. With every trade executed the system will place an order in the opposite direction and make profits through buying low and selling high.


Risk Warning

1.Grid Trading is only a trading assistance tool and does not constitute any investment endorsement or return promise. Bibox shall not bear any responsibility for any realized or unrealized profit and loss.

2.Cryptocurrency investments are highly risky. Please make investments wisely according to your own risk tolerance.


You can also contact Bibox telegram admin (@bibox_cs) or join Bibox trading strategy group(https://t.me/bibox_trading_bot) for more details.

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